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 Post subject: Game from music
PostPosted: 2016/10/04, 12:39 
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So, have you ever been listening to a song, and found yourself thinking "Hey! I can totally see a game out of it!"?

I don't know if it's because of the kind of music I listen to, but sometimes, it happens :mrgreen:
So here goes my first example!

Helloween - Keeper of the Seven Keys (

Make the people hold each other's hands
and fill their hearts with truth
you made up your mind so do as divined

Opening cutscene, a lone warrior stands in front of a hut in the mountain, a wizened old man (blind, eyes completely white) is talking to him.

Put on your armor ragged after fights
hold up your sword you're leaving the light

Alright, so this is clearly a fantasy hack'n'slash game, a la Golden Axe of the olden days - no equipment, no leveling up
The "leaving the light" part might be the final part of the game, when you go to Hell to fight the bosses

make yourself ready for the lords of the dark
they'll watch your way so be cautious, quiet and hark

You hear them whispering in the crowns of the trees
you're whirling 'round but your eyes don't agree
will 'o' the wisps misguiding your path
you can't throw a curse without takin' their wrath

I'd say a metroidvania style? 2D "free" roaming? I see the first part of the game as going around looking for the "seven keys" in various locales (forest, caves, swamp, desert, ...)

Watch out for the seas of hatred and sin or all us people forget what we've been
our only hope's your victory kill that Satan who won't let us be
our only hope's your victory kill that Satan who won't let us be -- kill!

And here comes the boss.. Satan

You're the keeper of the seven keys that lock up the seven seas

So you have 7 "keys".. maybe 7 special abilities?

and the seer of visions said before he went blind hide them from demons and rescue mankind
This is the opening scene..

or the world we're all in will soon be sold to the thone of the evil payed with Lucifer's gold
to the thone of the evil payed with Lucifer's gold

You can feel cold sweat running down your neck
and the dwarfs of falseness throw mud at your back

Guided by spells of the old seer's hand
you're suffering pain only steel can stand

It's a hard game..

Stay well on your way and follow the sign fulfull your own promise and do what's divined
the seven seas are far away placed in the valley of dust, heat and sway
the seven seas are far away placed in the valley of dust, heat and sway


This is the final boss part of the game. There are 6 bosses, one for each "sea" (which might be a metaphorical sea, more like a demonic portal or something) plus Satan of course.

Throw the first key into the sea of hate
This one should be the classical "black/demon knight" - huge armor, huge two handed sword used in one hand, blue flames from the eyes.. think of Arthas from Warcraft

throw the second key into the sea of fear
Fear.. a spirit kind of boss? usually invulnerable save for some specific moments

throw the third key into the sea of senselessness and make the people hold each other's hands
A sorcerer of some kind, whose attacks affect the screen making it difficult to see the enemy (and might render and epileptic person truly senseless :mrgreen: )

the fourth key belongs into the sea of greed
Health/Mana stealing boss.. dragons are greedy creatures.. combo?

and the fifth into the sea of ignorance
This makes me think of Legion from the various Castlevania.. a mass of zombies that keep on attacking you endlessly until you destroy the core of the boss (ignorance = no tactics, just sheer numbers - bonus, looks like a brain)

Disease, disease, disease my friend for this whole world's in devil's hand
Disease, disease, disease my friend throw the key or you may die

This one is not exactly explicit, but the 6th sea is the sea of disease.. so a bloated corpse, huge, with poison-based attacks

On a mound at the shore of the last sea he is sitting, fixing your sight
with his high iron voice causing sickness he is playing you out with delight
"man who do you just think you are? a silly bum with seven stars
don't throw the key or you will see dimensions cruel as they can be"
don't let him suck off your power throw the key, throw the key, throw the key!

Well, final boss, Satan or a generic Demon King. Dimension magic, kind of Saint Seiya's Saga.. summoning meteors and crashing them all around.
Pictured: he actually throws SUNS, but it's a little overkill I believe

An earthquake, squirting fire, bursting ground. Satan screams, and earth swallows him away!
End cutscene...

You're the keeper of the seven keys you locked up the seven seas
and the seer of visions can now rest in peace there ain't no more demons and no more disease

... still cutscene, the seer loses his powers (regains his normal vision?) and becomes a common old man(TM)
bonus points: "can now rest in peace" means he actually dies, being very very old and having finally completed is task of guiding the Hero to fulfill his mission.

and, mankind, live up, you're free again yes the tyrant is dead, he is gone, overthrown
you have given our souls back to light

... still cutscene, random scenes of joy in the towns and villages; our hero exits the Underground, bloodied but alive, the seven keys used to seal the portals. No one is waiting for him, because no one knew of his mission. He sets off towards the horizon again, fade to black, credits.

What do you think? would you play it? have you ever had such an (almost mystical) experience? comments?

Sorry for the wall of text, hope you enjoyed :mrgreen:

I have another one as well.. don't know if anyone's interested in hearing my ramblings though..

Come on Duality's Discord channel. We have cookies! :mrgreen:

 Post subject: Re: Game from music
PostPosted: 2016/10/05, 15:56 
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There's this really nice remix of the Skyrim theme (Dragonborn) called Dovahkiin on OCRemix, by a guy named Brandon Strader. It really makes me imagine a battle between two (well, actually, any number of) powerful people, starting slowly, and then ramping up. Probably because it's a remix based on a game's soundtrack...

Technically this probably wouldn't fit into "game from music", but in my head it sounds like an awesome game.

Strangely, though, when I went to find the link to it, it'd been removed. I do have an MP3 handy if anyone wants a listen, though.

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