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Vulkan was released
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Author:  RockyTV [ 2016/02/16, 22:37 ]
Post subject:  Vulkan was released

I just got an email from Nvidia saying that it was released. I'm interested: would anyone be willing to create a Vulkan backend for Duality? (maybe I got the wrong idea that Vulkan is like OpenGL and Direct3D :P)

Author:  Adam [ 2016/02/16, 23:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Vulkan was released

It's awesome that Vulkan exists and I really like the idea behind it. This will help a lot of game and engine developers; and questions like "Okay, so how do I trick the driver into doing what I want?" or "Okay, so how do we develop a special case for this driver so this specific game runs a little bit better?" will hopefully be a matter of the past.

Maybe one day I'll get around to take a look at and experiment with it as well - but until then, I'll definitely be an excited spectator to anyone willing to do a Duality backend using it ^^

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