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How does Dualitor's project system work?
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Author:  CaptainCode [ 2016/12/12, 16:32 ]
Post subject:  How does Dualitor's project system work?

Hey guys, kinda stupid question here I know, but the more I've worked with Duality it seems the less I get how its projects are set up... for one, every time I open the Dualitor, it brings up the first project I ever worked on (but I've worked on several since then); also, just now trying to create a new project I'm getting this error:

Invalid Target Directory
The specified target folder is located within the current working directory. Please select one that is located elsewhere.

This of course makes no sense, because I've created other projects in this location before... so I'm obviously breaking some unwritten rule for where and how Duality needs its projects to be set up. Clearly it maintains some kind of internal variable it calls a "working" directory, my best guess being that's where it stored my first project (the one it likes to keep opening on startup)... is there a manual somewhere where I can learn all these little ins and outs and gotchas for creating projects? Thanks.

Author:  SirePi [ 2016/12/12, 16:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: How does Dualitor's project system work?

Basically, you need to change mentality from "Duality is the tool that lets me make multiple games" to "Duality is the engine for one of the games I will make".

What I'm saying, is that Duality is not like Unity, or Unreal, or Photoshop where you load it up, open your project, then close it and open another one.
Within Duality you have one folder = one game, so each time you want to work with a different project you actually have to open a different copy of Duality. While this might sound strange at start, it sort of makes sense (more and more the more you use it :mrgreen: ) if you think that in the end you can simply zip the whole folder and bring your project around with you, with all its dependencies and without the worry of finding a different configuration on the other machine.
So you can have different projects, with different versions of Duality, with different versions of libraries and plugins, and nothing bad will happen, and that's why it won't let you create a project in a subfolder of itself.. it needs an empty one to reinstall all the minimum components for a clean project.

Hopefully it's clear what I am trying to say :mrgreen:

Author:  CaptainCode [ 2016/12/12, 17:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: How does Dualitor's project system work?

I think so. I never would have guessed that, because most software (not just game engines but IDEs, spreadsheet programs, graphics editors etc.) follow the one tool for many projects approach. So yeah, right now that does sound pretty weird, but I'm sure it comes in handy having everything in one place. Thanks for the info.

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