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Jam-ready game project template
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Author:  Adam [ 2017/01/28, 15:57 ]
Post subject:  Jam-ready game project template

Since I ended up manually copy-pasting Duality projects from previous game jams whenever I attended another one, there is now a generic template for game jam projects that I can copy-paste instead. Figured it might be useful for others as well:

Simply copy-paste all repository contents to initialize a new repository, commit and push. Then run DualityEditor.exe as usual, which will download the latest binary release. The git ignore is already set up, and the code already has some snippets that I regularly use in game jams.

Again, this is mostly for personal use, but in case anyone else ends up on a heavily time-constrained game jam, feel free to use it or fork your own version :)

Note: This is not intended to be some sort of a library. Included code snippets shouldn't be super flexible or general, but to the point. They'll get hacked into pieces anyway while the game jam is going. The goal is to start with a good basis.

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