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Personal Weekly Creative Challenges
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Author:  loeller [ 2017/06/20, 20:15 ]
Post subject:  Personal Weekly Creative Challenges

Hi all!

I want to create stuff. But how does one start that? There are many guides on the interwebz on the creative process. They have some common points, such as:
  • Ideas are overrated.
  • The last 20% of the work takes 80% of the time.
  • Polish is what makes the difference.
  • Do the work, finish stuff.
  • You don't even have to enjoy it.
  • Don't have to create the dream game, just start with something reasonably small.

So, to entertain you and myself too, I've borrowed an idea, and decided to come up with a tiny game or creative project with a week of a timespan. I'd like to document my progress here, however don't expect high quality articles, not even proper English. The first project was actually built with Duality, but I don't keep that mandatory. What I do keep as a must, is that these projects are not aimed at learning new technologies, but at learning game design. Thus in every case the most efficient tools of trade should be used.

Still reading? I'm already through one project, so here are the results:
Title: DJ DR1V3
Genre: Top-Down Shooter
Technology: Duality

It's an awful little game, the title is the best part, and even it is terrible. It's very simple, you just have to shoot the evil monsters who go and touch your precious dj turntable. Joke aside, let's gather the experiences:

(-) I didn't really manage to take the time and do this game. Wasn't measured, but at most 15 hours went to it, and most of it was used to make art and lay out basic mechanics (i.e. movement), however I had a lot more in mind (a full audio-visual experience...). Thus it's anything but a finished product. The scope should have been set smaller, or, I should have worked more. :]

(+) The tileset and music was at least fun to make. Also not terrible to look at [the music].

(+) I did good at writing crappy code. Seriously, I tend to overengineer stuff, design complicated systems, instead of just getting it to work. Not a very bad habit, but when time is the scarcest resource, it cannot be allowed. The problem is, that Duality is too well designed, and one's tempted to write elegant code with it. I successfully resisted this feeling with this project.

Community stuff: I've used the Pathfindax plugin to calculate the monster's way to the turntable. Thanks again for that.

I think not sharing this game would collapse the current world order, so you can have it: here with source. It might satisfy bad game perverts. Bye.

Author:  Adam [ 2017/06/21, 18:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Weekly Creative Challenges

Nice, and good luck with the challenge! May your creation streak live long and prosper. xD Do you have a bucket list of creative things that you'll approach in the coming weeks?

Author:  loeller [ 2017/06/22, 08:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Weekly Creative Challenges

Thank you!
This week I got a hip-hop track to finish and mix, which is not gamedev, but at least something creative.
After that, I should push the new features inputplugin out to the world. It's not very creative, but at least something gamedev related.
I cannot come up with a new game every week, but if I have a couple more until the end of summer, I'll call that a win :]

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