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Framework Decisions
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Author:  Adam [ 2013/12/16, 22:04 ]
Post subject:  Framework Decisions

Blog entry:
Framework Decisions
Since Unity2D was released a little time ago, some people have been asking what makes Duality better for 2D games than Unity. While it is obvious that, in this comparison, Duality gets to be the little guy next to a giant, this may still be a question worth exploring. So, why does Duality exist? Here are some of my own thoughts on this matter.

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So.. what are your thoughts about the Unity-Duality relationship?

Author:  roundcrisis [ 2013/12/19, 20:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Framework Decisions

- It's open source
- It has an amazing, extensible editor
- Component based
- plugins and content automatically reloads
- sandbox mode

Author:  burtybob [ 2014/02/06, 12:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Framework Decisions

I tried using unity for a little bit and found that even with the 2D stuff they've got now it was too "bloated" for what I wanted and the learning curve for a full time programmer (hobbyist game maker) is too steep, I'd be learning stuff at one weekend and by the next I'd lose a lot of what I'd learnt because I couldn't give it the time in between.

With Duality the very basic ship moving intro was perfect to explain the core concepts (interface etc).
Adam seems to be very active and down to earth (he replies to a lot of forum topics, the issues and the development is transparent)
The Open Source nature of Duality is another big plus to me since a lot of my prototyping and simpler work will be Open Sourced and I can take the Editor, Launcher etc and mod my "core" development environment.

Author:  SiENcE [ 2014/02/06, 18:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Framework Decisions

Duality is OpenSource and everyone can fix Engine Bugs. No waiting for company pace.

-Looks like a neat, compact and developer friendly framework.
-nice Plugin concept
-easy Contribution possible
-Mono port to Linux/Mac should be easily possible

But I still find it to complicated to seperate Editor from Projectdata and Game Runtime. ProjectData should be saved in one Folder (Project Plugin Source, Media, Ressources) to easily put it under Versioncontrol without adding the binarys.
Switching between Projects should be possible with one Editor Instance.

For prototyping Duality looks good, but for commercial games compared to Unity:
-runtime only runs on desktops Win (Linux/Mac later possible)
--> so ... not for mobiles :-(
--> barely usable for gamejams like LudumDare where most entries are for web

-runtime could be converted to html5 using
-PSM port

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